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Event dates: September 18th 2020 to October 7th 2020.

This legendary event features one of Rainbow 6’s most iconic Defending operators:



The former Spetsnaz operator is looking for new opportunities to show his worth. He’s had many a suiter come knocking, but none have proven worthy of his time. This event will give you a chance to show Tachanka what Elite Squad is made of, and why this is where he needs to be.


Character Abilities

Here’s a bit more info on the mighty Russian.

Tachanka is a heavily armored Enforcer. His active ability sees him deploy a Soviet-era LMG and spray 20 piercing rounds at the highest health target, while damaging enemies in a medium line and reinforcing his own armor. He can also deploy barbed wire to debuff his target’s ability damage when using his passive ability. As a pillar of the R6 team, his leader ability grants +30% damage to specific allies.


Unlock & Updgrade

Recruiting Tachanka in your squad won’t be a walk in the park. To make an impression on this operator, this is what you’ll need to do:

  • Use a specific selection of soldiers to play the event.
  • Each mission will be progressively harder and will require that you increase your soldiers’ rank.
  • Every victory will reward Tachanka Intel tokens.  If you can manage to have 5 of the select soldiers at Rank 5 and complete the 5th mission of the event, you will unlock Tachanka.
  • Beyond this, each mission you play will give you enough intel to further upgrade Tachanka’s rank but requires higher and higher ranked soldiers.


Good luck commander!