Event dates: October 5th to October 26th.

This month’s legendary event will give you the opportunity to unlock the infamous leader of the Santa Blanca Cartel:


As part of his agreement with the CIA after his capture, El Sueño has been sent back to Bolivia to crush wannabe drug cartels before they can gain any real power. Assisting with the operation should earn us enough goodwill and respect to bring El Sueño to Elite Squad.


Character abilities

El Sueño, the enigmatic leader of the Santa Blanca Cartel, built his empire on the bodies of those who dared to challenge him. Brutal, fanatical and insightful, El Sueño is no altar boy. Having said that, his physical resilience and natural capacity to lead and inspire men is what makes him a valuable asset to any squad in need of a strong Guardian angel.

When using his Fearless Leader active ability, El Sueño taunts all enemies, attracting their fire towards him, and healing himself by an increasing percentage depending on the number of enemies taunted. If an enemy resists his taunt, that enemy cowers in fear instead.

Sueño’s passive, True believer, enables him to reduce incoming area damage to protect himself, and will passively heal him by an increasing percentage depending on the number of enemies targeting him.

As the leader of the Santa Blanca faction, Sueño’s Bravado ability inspires all Santa Blanca soldiers in his squad, granting them 15% more health.


Unlock and upgrade

To recruit El Sueño into your squad, this is what you’ll need to do:

  • Use a specific selection of soldiers to play the event.
  • Each mission will be progressively harder and will require that you increase your soldiers’ rank.
  • Every victory will reward El Sueño intel tokens.  If you can manage to have 5 of the select soldiers at Rank 5 and complete the 5th mission of the event, you will unlock El Sueño.
  • Beyond this, each mission you play will give you enough intel to further upgrade El Sueño’s rank but requires higher and higher ranked soldiers.


Get ready Commander!