This month’s legendary event will give you the opportunity to unlock and upgrade one of Rainbow’s most destructive recruits


Eliza “Ash” Cohen 


The Israeli American operator is adept in demolition tactics, which could prove very useful to us. Her speed and quick thinking make her an extremely efficient striker.  



Cohen was raised in Israel, where she earned a degree in Structural Engineering at the University of Tel Aviv. She enlisted in the Shaldag, an Elite Israeli Air Force unit, where she mastered ground and airborne combat and reconnaissance. She later joined the FBI SWAT, where she got herself noticed and recruited into Rainbow 6. Throughout her career she developed an incomparable expertise in demolition tactics and equipment.  

Passive Ability: KILLER ENTRANCE 

Ash is a fast thinker, extremely intense and aggressive within the first seconds of battle. She begins all of her battles with 100% ability charge, to ensure she always strikes first.  

Active ability: BREACHING ROUND 

Ash uses her M120 CREM to fire two breaching rounds, each at a random enemy in cover, dealing heavy damage.  



To recruit Ash into your squad, this is what you’ll need to do: 

  • Use a specific selection of soldiers to play the event. 
  • Each mission will be progressively harder and will require that you increase your soldiers’ rank. 
  • Every victory will reward Ash intel tokens.  If you can manage to have 5 of the select soldiers at Rank 5 and complete the 5th mission of the event, you will unlock Ash. 
  • Beyond this, each mission you play will give you enough intel to further upgrade Ash rank but requires higher and higher ranked soldiers. 


Good luck Commander!