Release Date: November 2 

dangerous duo has shown interest in joining Elite Squad. As can be the case between close sisters, their relationship is complicatedbut when the job callsthey form an incredibly professional pair. Welcome:  




As the eldest of the two sisters, Zofia had no choice but to follow in her father’s footsteps and pursue a career in the GROM. She took on the brunt of her father’s harsh education, which made her psychologically and emotionally resilient, and one of the highest performing soldiers in her unit. 

Meanwhile, Ela was less in her father’s favor and as a result developed a rebellious personality. She pushes herself to unrealistic standards to posthumously honor her father, often volunteering for very high-risk operations.   

Despite the sisters’ antagonisms and rocky relationship, they deeply care about each other. After Ela was tracked down by Rainbow following her impressive deeds in Operation Orange Sky, Zofia used her contacts to reach Six personally and reunite with her sister.  

In spite of what they might say, it’s become clear that the two sisters can’t be kept apart for too long. In fact, they even developed complementary abilities.  It’s time for us to show the Bozak sisters that they both have a place in Elite Squad.   




  • Zofia 


Active abilityLifeline 

Zofia fires Lifeline at the enemy with the highest weapon damage.  If Zofia has more than half her HP leftshe fires an impact grenade, dealing ability damage in a medium radius. If she has less than half her HPshe fires a concussion grenade, dealing ability damage, removing ability charge and reducing accuracy. 

Passive abilityWithstand 

Zofia’s high resistance to concussions means that she recovers more quickly from all control effects used against her. This effect can be stacked with Ela’s similar passive ability if the two are in the same squad. 


  • Ela 


Active ability: Deployable Shield 

Ela deploys a Shield in front of herself, increasing her armor. She instantly reloads and targets the lowest health enemy, becoming immune to taunt for the duration of the ability. If Zofia is in the squad, she will also synchronize her fire and receive taunt immunity for the duration of Ela’s ability. 

Passive abilityGrzmot Mine 

Ela has Grzmot mines planted at all enemy cover positions. When an enemy is about to cast his/her ability, it triggers the mine at the closest cover, detonating in a Medium range, inflicting ability damage to the enemy, and adding armor penetration to all allies targeting hit enemies. When a mine is detonated, Ela immediately replaces it with a new one.

Ela also recovers more quickly to all control effects used against her. This can be stacked with Zofia’s similar passive ability if the two are in the same squad. 



There will campaign event to unlock Ela and Zofia. This time, players will be able to choose which soldier to work towards (while getting free bonus intel of the other sister). This is how it will play out: 

  • Complete missions to earn ORB keys; 
  • Open Ela ORBs or Zofia ORBs. Each specific ORB will also contain bonus intel for the other sister inside it; 
  • Upgrade your soldiers that are used for the event to defeat harder missions and earn more keys. 


Good luck Commander!