Changes are coming! The next balancing update will modify the abilities of 13 soldiers: 

Pablo Cuellar

  • Pablo’s active ability felt underwhelming and lacked ability scaling, so we reworked it to be more punishing on a single target.
  • Active: Now damages the target and removes ability charge. If the target has low enough health, the whole squad will sync fire.

Ricardo Diaz

  • Cleaned up timings and values to reinforce the core function of Ricardo’s abilities.
  • Active: Incoming damage healing no longer splits between the entire team, instead it’s distributed fully to the 2 lowest health allies each second.
  • Passive: Taunt and heal timing are now in sync.

Pac Katari

  • Pac’s active ability could be strong but was too unreliable.
  • Active: Guaranteed to confuse one target and now deals damage to those that resist.

Jimena Martins

  • The lifesteal given by Juana felt more in line with a Pointman’s function to strengthen their team, so we moved it to Jimena and added some ability scaling.
  • Active: Now steals health from the current target before giving all allies lifesteal and weapon power based on their missing health.

Juana Pedriel

  • With Jimena now awarding lifesteal, we wanted to refocus Juana on supporting the team and keeping them alive.
  • Active: Now heals for a fixed amount spread equally among all allies.
  • Passive: When triggered also permanently increases healing received.


  • While G1U’s function felt relatively balanced he lacked some ability scaling.
  • Active: Now enemies scanned in cover or stealth take damage.


  • Virgil’s drone felt underwhelming because of thin area of effect and lacked some character.
  • Active: Increased the width of the attack and now also destroys any shields.


  • There was a small bug that reduced the effectiveness of Coda’s active.
  • Active: Resistance debuff is now applied on first hit (was 2nd).

Gremlin & Redfang

  • Both Gremlin and Redfang where designed to really punish soldiers in cover, but the bonus damage was not really emphasising this.
  • Actives: Values adjusted to better reward damage done enemies in cover.

Sergei Izotov

  • Sergei’s take from the weak to benefit the strong is an exciting play style but the buffs utilised did not support it as well as it could have.
  • Active: Now increases Armor Penetration and gives Lifesteal.
  • Passive: Also heals the target who receives the permanent buffs.


  • Ironclaw’s passive was overwhelmingly strong with little counterplay, and was not fun to play against. The change is finally here!
  • Passive: Debuff reduced to 25% ability power, with an added Bleed for the duration.

Alexei Noskov

  • Alexei’s ability package is working well but felt like it could use a little bump and some added ability scaling.
  • Active: Allies not being targeted will now receive an armor penetration buff.
  • Passive: The passive now also triggers when an ally Taunts, and when triggered from low health, shields the ally.


Get ready Commander!