Guild PvP Changes


Greetings Commanders!

Thank you for your constant support and feedback, we are of course always listening and working to make the game better (even if it takes some time).

One of the biggest concerns we’ve heard recently is the Territory War system and the gameplay it encourages, especially for players at higher levels. Which we would like to discuss today!

Some of the biggest concerns we have heard from you include:

  • Season leaderboards being decided by MVP bonus trophies.
  • MVP being decided “randomly” by the power of the opponents you match.
  • Many guilds tied on the leaderboard.
  • Having to deliberately lose Assault Battles for maximum war points.
  • Matchmaking (either matchmaking guilds of a very different rank, or matching with all “bot” guilds).
  • New guilds being forced to slowly climb the ranks to start earning rewards (penalty for starting your own guild instead of joining an old one).
  • High end players with Territory War soldiers already at rank 10.

A bigger Territory War update is on our radar for the future but we would like to make some immediate changes to solve some issues as soon as possible! This smaller update is planned for mid-December. Our current list of changes includes:


1) Change Assault battle matchmaking to match based on your selected squad power (current: average power of all players in the war).


2) Give War Points based on the power of team you defeat (current: a flat amount of points per assault battle).


3) Convert War Points to trophies at the end of a war. (current: Winning and MVP are the only sources of Trophies).


Points 1, 2, and 3 combined will completely change wars AND the guild leaderboard to be based on the guild’s performance during enlistment, their soldiers, and number of assault wins. Winning the war and MVP positions will now only provide a small boost to the trophies you already earned via points. This will create more variation in trophies earned by each guild, making the leaderboard more interesting, and will make every war matter (even when you already know you have won).

Point 1 also means that we can make every battle a balanced challenge for every player, meaning that winning 5 battles can be an achievement for everyone, and we can ensure that lower power players in a guild don’t get stuck on the first battle. There will still be an increasing difficulty per battle.


4) Completely reset guild ranks after each season. (to unranked)


5) Remove Carbon, Copper and Steel guild ranks. (6 Ranks total)


Point 4 means that guilds will climb the ranks before entering the Diamond 3 Leaderboard each season (Similar to how Arena works), though higher-level guilds will quickly skip through the ranks. The purpose of this is to give clearer progression each season, and so that new guilds can compete from an equal starting point in their very first season. This will also improve matchmaking, as more guilds of similar power will be in each rank (especially with less total ranks due to point 5). The speed at which you progress through ranks will be completely rebalanced.


6) Completely remove flat points gained from Assault battle wins/losses, including the 1 point gained on a loss.


You will no longer have to win 5 and lose 2 for maximum points.


7) Rebalance Enlistment to give more intel per battle, but have less Enlistment energy. (Example: 3 energy (down from 5), and double the current intel).


We know that repeating the same battles 5 times is quite tedious. We are looking into adding auto-win in a future update, but this will already result in less battles to play while still allowing some flexibility of how much intel you want. We would aim to slightly increase the overall intel gained from harder battles from their current values, so that top end guilds can unlock higher rank soldiers.


8) Add additional resource rewards to the leaderboard.


Overall, we think the best and most unique part of Territory Wars is currently discussing and building compositions with your guild mates. We think if the Assault battles are enough of a balanced challenge (2-4 wins avg) to reward good team building, and the points and leaderboards reflect the success in Enlistment and Assault, Territory Wars will be much more competitive.

We hope that these few targeted changes will solve some of your concerns and make Territory Wars more engaging, just in time for the holidays!

Thanks again, and we’ll see you in the Arena.

The Tom Clancy’s Elite Squad team