A new Faye Lau


This month’s legendary event will feature the dark side of a hero with a fascinating tale:   




It has been confirmed. Faye Lau has betrayed the SHD and sided with the Black Tusk.  Though we have yet to uncover the true reason behind her decision, our intel clearly shows that Faye’s priority has always been the survival of her people. In any case, we need her experience and leadership skills on our side. Let’s show her that whatever her past, her future is in Elite Squad.   



Lau first saw combat after being sent out with the second wave of SHD agents during the Green Poison contagion. When Louis Chang, the Commander of the second wave was killed, Faye Lau stepped up to fill in his position. Despite being gravely wounded, she masterfully coordinated the remaining SHD agents up to the final victory over the LMB.  

In Warlock, she returned to the field deadlier than ever after recovering from her wounds. After the loss of her only family (her sister Heather) in New York however, something seems to have clicked inside her head, transforming her into and incredibly clinical and ruthless warrior, thirsty for revenge.  


Passive Ability: PULSE 

When switching target, pulses the enemy and any enemies in a small radius. Pulsed enemies receive incoming damage for a limited amount of time. 


Launches a Bombardier Drone at her current target, dropping grenades in a medium Line, exploding and dealing serious damage to any enemies hit. 



To recruit Rogue Faye Lau into your squad, this is what you’ll need to do:  

  • Use a specific selection of soldiers to play the event.  
  • Each mission will be progressively harder and will require that you increase your soldiers’ rank.  
  • Every victory will reward Rogue Faye Lau intel tokens.  If you can manage to have 5 of the select soldiers at Rank 5 and complete the 5th mission of the event, you will unlock Rogue Faye Lau.  
  • Beyond this, each mission you play will give you enough intel to further upgrade Rogue Faye Lau rank but requires higher and higher ranked soldiers.  


Good luck Commander!

*SHD Faye Lau will not be subject to any changes because of this update.