Changes are coming! The next balancing update will modify the abilities of 11 soldiers: 



  • Bronson’s active felt underwhelming, providing him with some minor damage reduction if he was being targeted, and having no ability scaling. We wanted to increase the opportunity for the ability to really stand out.
  • Active: Now heals for 200% of the damage received, and provides a shield when completed.


Jon Ming

  • Jon’s passive was a little too niche and generally wasn’t useful for most Control effects, so we wanted to make it more useful and provide some clear counter play.
  • Passive: When an ally is stunned, silence and damage the enemy who applied it.


Scott Mitchell

  • Scott’s abilities were intended to give clear passive benefits with an active that provided an obvious window of enhanced damage. They weren’t quite hitting the spot so we reshuffled his buffs while providing some additional function and ability scaling.
  • Active: Armor increase moved to active ability to provide offensive and defensive benefits. Now increases Critical chance and Armor Penetration after Instant reload.
  • Passive: Ability Charge speed up is moved to passive ability and is permanent. Also applies an additional shield any time an ally receives a shield.


Alex Nolan

  • Alex was falling behind other healers. Some minor value increases to help out.
  • Active: 70% > 75% Heal.
  • Passive: 15% > 25% Shield.


David Crenshaw

  • David is strong as an anti-ability Guardian, and provides great control, he was just missing some ability scaling.
  • Active: Now also damages interrupted enemies.



  • Arrow is a strong pointman providing great benefits for his team, but lacking some ability scaling.
  • Passive: Now also damages the target.



  • Ringo wasn’t quite functioning as expected and lacked some ability scaling.
  • Active: Fixed an issue where only 1 enemy lost ability power. Now also damages the 3 lowest health enemies.


Tom Reed

  • Tom’s active felt interesting but lacked power, leaving it feeling like you are just trading one ability for another. We wanted to improve this and his overall strength in general.
  • Active: Also grants the target ally 100% potency. If the ability is triggered the team now receives a shield instead of damage reduction.
  • Passive: When an ally is silenced, also remove it.


Shawn Robertson

  • Shawn had a strong and targeted passive, but his active felt very underwhelming, and he lacked any ability scaling.
  • Active: Forces all enemies to retarget, enemies who target Shawn bleed, while others have their weapon damage and armor reduced.


Alejandro Garcia-Gomez

  • Alejandro wasn’t quite functioning as expected, and felt a little underwhelming.
  • Active: Increased line width for a better chance of hitting more enemies.
  • Passive: Fixed an issue where the passive would only trigger once per battle.


Jeremy Prentiss

  • Jeremy was performing well, but we wanted to enhance his identity as someone who can execute more consistently.
  • Active: Increased bleed time so there is more opportunity for the execute to occur.


Get ready Commander!