Changes are coming! The next balancing update will modify the abilities of 13 soldiers: 



  • Valkyrie
    • Valkyrie is a strong support, but lacked some Ability scaling. Small adjustment to add more scaling and make buffs more relevant.
    • Active: After deploying a camera, now finds the lowest Health enemy and fires a shot, causing them to bleed.
    • Passive: When an enemy provides a defensive ability, now increase allies Armor Penetration and Potency.
  • Victor Coste
    • Victor felt underwhelming as the only Defender in the 4th Echelon squad. We wanted to improve his function and help him defend his squad a little better.
    • Active: Chaff Grenade now removes ability charge instead of reducing ability power, and also interrupts abilities in progress.
    • Passive: When crit, reduce the Weapon Power of that enemy. Also fixed a bug that was not properly reducing incoming critical damage.
  • Anna Grimsdottir
    • Anna is a strong support for her team, but the high values on her passive, are overshadowing her other benefits, and making it difficult to face her as an opponent. We want to adjust the distribution of her power to better focus on her active ability, while still keeping her passive strong (especially against high resistance enemies).
    • Active: Shield increased from 35% > 60%.
    • Passive: Now grants a flat 100% Potency to the ally (instead of a 150% increase, which often gave no benefit) and +50% Ability Power (down from 90%) for 5 seconds.
  • Kestrel
    • Kestrel has a unique function, but it was falling flat in most battles and lacked some Ability scaling.
    • Active: After applying Weapon Damage and Lifesteal bonus, Synchronize Fire on the lowest health enemy and cause them to bleed.
    • Passive: Changed Tenacity increase to a flat +15%, and whenever Kestrel receives a shield, he Taunts his current target for 3 seconds.



  • James Dragov
    • Fixed a bug that was not correctly reducing incoming critical damage.
  • Javier Kajika
    • Fixed visuals for Javier’s shock trap. Now explodes immediately on impact and displays the impact area.
  • Rook
    • Fixed a bug that was not correctly reducing the incoming weapon damage for his Rhino Armor.
  • Buck
    • Frag grenade damage increased from 70% > 80%
  • Isaac Briggs
    • Reduced passive Silence from 6 > 4 seconds, but increased active damage from 60% > 100%
  • Emile Dufraisne
    • Increased passive healing from 35% > 40%
    • Decreased Active cooldown from 35 > 30 seconds.
  • Carson Moss
    • Decreased Active cooldown from 35 > 25 seconds.
    • Fixed a bug that was not correctly reducing the incoming weapon damage (close range).
    • Incoming weapon damage (close range) increased from 25% > 50% & active ability damage from 35% > 40%
  • Ironclaw
    • Changed active ability to decrease both resistance and armor by 50%.
    • Increase Passive Ability Power reduction from 25% > 50%.
  • Fury
    • Removed passive animation so smoke bomb is instantly activated on low health allies.


Get ready Commander!