New faction joins Elite Squad


Eagle One has identified a new faction that could be a welcome addition to the Elite Squad initiative. These skilled and experienced operatives wield the most avant-garde technology their country has to offer. One must not be fooled by their futuristic look, however – as each carefully-selected member of this private organization carries with them the equivalent of a lifetime’s education in Chinese martial traditionsEnter –  


BAI HU ZHAO (The claws of the white tiger) 



Bai Hu Zhao was created by Retired PLA veteran Yao Lu Li in answer to the increasing demand to ensure the security of Chinese and international civilians working in dangerous environments.  

It is an adaptable Rapid Reaction Force which consists of former military specialists and agents, each member highly accomplished in their respective fields.  

They have been operating all across the globe, quickly becoming celebrated internationally for their clinical efficiency and record success rate in missions highly diverse in nature. 



Using technology as a force multiplier, the team deploy in depth and choreograph their approach.  They are trained to use covert, non-lethal finesse until the tactical situation escalateswhereby they will disengage only once the objective has been achieved. 

The team uses a classified laser technology device that all members carry on their right shoulder. This device can serve many purposes, from AI threat recognition to drone-recharging beams.  



All seven members of Bai Hu Zhao were personally head-hunted by Yao Lu Li. They were selected for their field of expertise and level of professionalism. On top of that, they were rigorously trained as a team to develop an innate ability to anticipate one-another, achieving perfect symbiosis.  


YAO LU LI – Team Leader / Pointman / Resourceful 

A highly educated tactical genius who cannot stay away from a battlefield for too long.  

  • Active Ability: Tactical Battle Scan 
  • Yao scans the battlefield and instantly communicates enemy positions to her teammates, increasing the accuracy and weapon damage for Yao and her 2 highest Weapon Damage allies, and syncing fire on the lowest health enemy for a short time. 
  • Passive Ability: Eye of the Steppe Eagle 
  • When blindedYao removes the blind effect and instantly reloads with increased Critical Chance and Critical Bonus for a short time. 


LUKAS KONG – Striker / Intimidating 

Street-smart master of infiltration tactics. However dire the situation, Kong always manages to fall on his feet.   

  • Active ability: Make or break 
  • Kong draws two Pistols and fires at his current target 3 times dealing AP damage. He then flips a coin, Heads fire one more shot dealing AP (x3 normal), Tails fires one more shot dealing AP damage (1/2 normal). 
  • Passive ability: Laser Target Designation 
  • When switching to a target in cover, Kong laser marks them, increasing all incoming damage for a short while. 


EMMA SUN – Striker / Dutiful 

Energetic, loud and brave. From the streets to the gyms, Emma grew up fighting bigger and stronger men. Her family is her team. 

  • Active ability: Dragon Fang 
  • Emma throws 3 waves of piercing knives in a medium cone at her current target, dealing AP damage to all enemies hit. Bleeding enemies take additional AP damage. 
  • Passive ability: Incision 
  • Consecutive attack on the same target causes them to BLEED for AP over a short period. 


JIMMY LEI – Technician / Dutiful 

Model citizen and strong-willed patriot. Master of robotics. Always the first to arrive and last to leave training sessions.  

  • Active ability: Blinding illumination 
  • Lei deploys a drone to fire high intensity lasers on 3 random enemies, damaging them for AP 3 times, and removing Ability charge every second. After a short while, the enemies are blinded for a few seconds. 
  • Passive ability: Recharging beam 
  • On reload, Lei fills his own and ally with the highest AP’s charge bar. 


ZHAO LIAN – Support / Caring 

Team medic. Model student. A traumatic past experience left her with an unnatural ability to surpass herself under pressure.  

  • Active ability: Medical bee drone 
  • Zhao deploys a swarm of Medical Bee Drones. The drones fly to the lowest health ally and heal them, repeating this action X times before they are depleted and destroyed. 
  • Passive ability: Imperturbable 
  • Whenever an ally is shielded, Zhao cleanses all CC from them and heals them. When she drops a certain health level for first time, she activates a shield. 


ZHANG JIA – Guardian / Composed 

The giant of Sichuan. An honorable man attached to tradition. Admired by teammates for his discipline and dedication.  

  • Active ability: Giant of Sichuan 
  • Applies bonus AP SHIELD to all allies and for the next 5 seconds heals them for a portion of all damage dealt to allies. 
  • Passive ability: Sacrifice 
  • At regular intervalsZhang gives a portion of his of current health to the lowest health ally. 


TAO JUN – Enforcer / Enduring 

Born to fight. Intense and aggressive, with strong lone-wolf tendencies.   

  • Active ability: Mu Lang 
  • Tao goes stealth and cannot be targeted. She reappears at the back of her current target and performs a high kick, inflicting ability damage, stunning the target and reducing their armor for a few seconds 
  • Passive ability: Bully 
  • If Tao’s current target has more than a certain amount of health, their accuracy is reduced. If the current target has less than a certain amount of HEALTH, Tao reduces all incoming SHIELDS and HEALS the target receives by a certain percentage. 


The advantages that these operatives can bring to your squad are worth readjusting your strategy. Find, unlock and upgrade them, and unleash the power of Bai Hu Zhao onto the battlefield! 


Good luck Commander!