Patch Notes Lunar New Year



Happy Lunar New Year from the TCES team! We will be celebrating the year of the Ox for the month of February, featuring the new Bai Hu Zhao soldiers and big rewards (similar to Christmas!).

  • The Elite Squad HQ has been decorated for this holiday!
  • Some soldiers have decided to dress up for the occasion! (Sam Fisher, Caveira, Faye Lau)
  • Festive objectives, events, ORBs and sales are available. (Starting February 1)



The first faction unique to Elite Squad, the Bai Hu Zhao will be joining the Elite Squad with events available during February!

Full details: https://elitesquadgame.com/2021/01/27/new-faction-joins-elite-squad/




We think that the TW update at the end of last year has had a positive impact on Guild gameplay, however we know that you still have some significant concerns that we are in the process of addressing.

In this update we are significantly updating the enlistment to be the same for all guilds and offer more choice (as suggested by players), and we are reducing the maximum difficulty of the assault missions. We have also heard your concern about matching against perfect Arena squads, and we are still investigating changing this (it is a more technically difficult change). The enlistment changes will take effect starting next season.

  • Enlistment nodes have been overhauled to create a more fair and varied experience.
    • Enlistments will now be the same for ALL guilds for EVERY WAR during a season.
      • Guilds will no longer get ahead or fall behind because of “good nodes”.
      • The same enlistment for the season will give guilds time to upgrade specific soldiers throughout the season, and time to rethink their strategy with each war.
    • Soldiers used for nodes will be more varied per season, with each season featuring a few specific factions, with varied “free” soldiers (not just Megan, sorry Megan).
      • Easier access to faction team bonuses and synergies.
    • Nodes will now feature 1-2 soldiers, with equally increased intel (e.g. 60 intel for 1 soldier, or 30 intel for 2 soldiers).
      • This will make it easier to enlist specific soldiers at a higher rank, and avoid wasting intel on soldiers you don’t want.
  • Assault matchmaking range has been reduced to 80/90/100/110/120% of players squad power (was 70/85/100/115/130%).



  • New Faction War : Bai Hu Zhao.
  • The Caring trait team bonus will now buff shields as well as healing.
  • Increased Arena milestone and leaderboard rewards (to be similar to rival rewards).
  • Weapon Blueprint ORBs have been rebalanced to distribute more T3.



  • Valkyrie
  • Victor Coste
  • Anna Grimsdottir
  • Kestrel
  • James Dragov
  • Javier Kajika
  • Rook
  • Buck
  • Isaac Briggs
  • Emile Dufraisne
  • Carson Moss
  • Iron Claw
  • Fury

Full details: https://elitesquadgame.com/2021/01/25/character-balancing-update-4/



  • The Rogue Agent team bonus will no longer incorrectly be triggered by non Rogue Agent squad members.
  • Many Soldier ability texts have been updated to correct typos and missing information.


Get ready Commander!