Season 2 has launched!


Greetings Commanders, 

Welcome to Season 2, one of our biggest and most ambitious updates yet. The focus of Season 2 is to bring more engaging and sustainable gameplay to the battle system, providing direct tactical control of soldiers in battle and strategic use of the environment to outsmart and outplay the enemy, with a clear focus on your Elite Squad and the soldiers that form it. 




Tactical Deploy 

  • All battlefields are now divided in two 3*3 grids, one for each team. 
  • Before deploying into battle, take the time to define your strategy. 
  • Use the Tactical Deployment feature to drag yours soldiers around the battlefield, positioning them in the best formation to utilize the environment and counter the enemy. 
  • Soldiers deploy directly into the positions you assigned them, ready for battle! 
  • Grid positions make it easy to identify soldiers and their targets. 
  • After deployment soldiers can be moved freely in the grid. 



Cover Bonuses 

  • Make strategic use of Cover in the environment to gain extra boosts for your soldiers in battle. 
  • The bonus is maintained while the soldier is at the cover. 


Simplified targeting rules  

  • Soldiers fire at the closest enemy along their row before firing into other rows. 
  • Find the best positions to protect your damage dealers while letting your tanks take the fire. 



Command: Move 

  • Once the battle is under way, soldiers can be repositioned on the battlefield to any available position or cover. 
  • Move soldiers at the right time to avoid incoming damage or take fire and protect an ally. 
  • Look out for changes to soldier targeting when repositioning soldiers, you could leave an ally wide open. 
  • Soldiers also won’t fire or cast while moving! 
  • Drag from a soldier to display available movement positions. 
  • Drag onto any available grid space and release to move the soldier to that position. 
  • While dragging the battle will pause, giving you ample time to choose your destination. 



Command: Cast 

  • When a Soldier’s charge bar is full, a colored bar and ability icon under their feet indicates they are ready to cast their unique and powerful abilities. 
  • Time them right to control the flow of battle, combine effects and lead your team to victory. 
  • Tap any soldier when ready to active their ability. 
  • Toggle the Auto Cast feature to automatically have your soldiers cast when ready. 
  • Soldiers generally use their abilities on their current target, so position them wisely before activating their ability for maximum impact! 



Ability Authorization Points 

  • Players will now start the battle with one Ability Authorization Point (AAP) and generate more over time, up to a maximum of 3. 
  • Using a soldier’s ability costs one AAP (abilities cannot be used without AAP). 
  • Some soldier abilities or squad perks may grant AAP. 
  • AI and “Auto” will spend AAP when it is available, always using the first soldier ability that became available. 



x2 Speed and Camera Options in Battle 

  • Besides the Auto Cast, 2 additional buttons are available on the Battle HUD: x2 Speed and Camera  
  • Toggle the xSpeed feature to speed up the battle at any time. 
  • The Camera button allows you to switch between different points of view. 



Economy Changes 

  • Significantly increased intel found in event and advanced orbs – Reduced gold price of ORBs.  
  • Reduced scaling of energy refreshes (Old: 50,50,100,100,300,300,600. New: 50,50,100,100,150,150,250,250,500)  
  • Significantly reduced cost of raid store Intel. 
  • Added Guild and Arena tabs to the supply depot, where you can continue to buy the Arena/Guild ORBs at a reduced cost, or directly buy the Soldier Intel you want. 
  • Changed the balance of campaign events to give significantly more milestone Intel but less Keys (as ORB balance has changed). 
  • Increased Territory War assault attempts (3>5). 
  • Increased required level to partake in a Territory War from 20 to 22. 


Soldier Abilities & Squad Perks 

  • A new round of Soldier Balancing will arrive soon with our Easter update. 


UI Update 

  • The Soldier Collection, Supply Depot, Pick Team and Battle HUD have been updated. 


Combat Orders & Order Currency have been removed from the game. 


Google Play / Game Center Login now happens before the tutorial starts. 


Bug Fixes

  • Game startup is now significantly faster. 
  • Numerous improvements to performance in battle and in UI screens. 
  • Numerous bug fixes and quality of life improvements.