Reach level 70!


Greetings Commanders!


We’re happy to announce that a lot of new content is coming with today’s update!


 * Some new in-game text will ONLY be in English each update, which will allow us to release content much faster. Additional languages will be updated when possible. This decision is due to 98%+ of players currently playing in English.


Commander Level Increase

Your commander level can now be increased to 70 and a new campaign is here!

  • Soldier level can be increased to 70
  • A new campaign is now available (HEAVY WEAPONS)
  • Soldier gear grade can now reach XI
  • Some events have had new missions added or re-balanced where necessary


New Events


Take your revenge on the BEHEMOTH tank (from the tutorial) to claim points for your GUILD to climb the event leaderboard, with ALL guild players earning big rewards at the end. There are no soldier restrictions for these events, but you will need to use everything you can to take these tanks down. There are 4 unique tanks with varied attacks and resistances (MK0-MK3), changing each week of the cycle. These events run from Wednesday to Friday.


3 New raids have been added in addition to the Dark Zone event. They are the same in structure, but each requires different soldiers and has different challenges. They will change each week of the cycle.


New Legendary Cycle

Clash has arrived as a new Legendary, and your Elite Squad will need to recruit some new Fourth Echelon soldiers to bring her in!

  • Clash (Rank 5 – Rainbow 6 BLUE)
  • Lesion (Rank 3 – Rainbow 6 GREEN)
  • Sarah Fisher (Rank 3 – Fourth Echelon)
  • Archer (Rank 2 – Fourth Echelon)


Special Forces

A new ORB type is available, featuring 8 ADDITIONAL NEW SOLDIERS and a WHOLE NEW FACTION. Keys to open this ORB can be earned from new weekly objectives and some events. These ORBs also always contain a small amount of Legendary ORB keys.

Additional Special Forces ORBs will be added in later updates, each including a batch of new soldiers.

Special Forces ORB #1:

  • Kali (R4 – Rainbow 6 GOLD)
  • Hibana (R3 – Rainbow 6 RED)
  • Jager (R3 – Rainbow 6 RED)
  • Ying (R3 – Rainbow 6 GOLD)
  • Thatcher (R2 – Rainbow 6 GOLD)
  • Frost (R1 – Rainbow 6 RED)
  • Kaid (R1 – Rainbow 6 GOLD)
  • IQ (R1 – Rainbow 6 GOLD)


Weekly Objectives

LEGENDARY (monthly) and RIVALS (weekly) objectives have been combined into a single set of “WEEKLY OBJECTIVES” that reset weekly. These mostly reward Special Forces keys and cash. Do not worry about earning less Legendary keys, as all Special Forces keys also give some bonus Legendary Keys!




  • All players are once again in shared leaderboards (for a short time players were split into separate leaderboard depending on time played)
  • Excess intel: if you have a soldier at rank 10 with an extra 100 intel or more, an orb will appear in the store rewarding 4 drops of 20 random soldier intel for the cost of 100 intel of your rank 10 soldier. This means 20 intel is lost, but we added a chance of Rank 5 soldier intel to compensate for this! (We also want to avoid some players getting stuck in an infinite purchasing loop when they have nearly all soldiers)(All soldiers are included at the following odds: R1: 35%, R2: 25%, R3: 20%, R4: 15%, R5: 5%)
  • The Territory War highest battle assault difficulty has returned to the same as Season 1, following feedback that it is sometimes too easy to beat the fifth battle.


Good luck Commanders!